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The Intuitive Learning Circles help people to retrain their minds and bodies to let go of toxins, trapped emotional energy and regain balance. Briefly, the method works by gently interrupting unhealthy energy and brain activity, then replacing them with positive thoughts and energy flow.
The circles and symbols provide a positive framework for refocusing attention and recovering mental balance. Going through a sequence or formula, like the free mind exercises below, calms the emotional centers of the brain, which significantly reduces stress and allows one to think more clearly.
The therapeutic action that occurs while going through the process allows you to slow down, communicate with your unconscious and reorganize how you are using your energy.

The Goal is Healing and Developing Human Potential

Using the intuitive learning circles and graphs, you can gather unconscious information, organize awareness and illuminate solutions that come directly from your Soul.

Which of these Mind Exercise Are Best for Me?

Which Mind Exercises are best for me?

Many of you have asked,  “There’s so many games – how do I choose where to start?

Since we’re here to help you develop your intuition, it’s only natural that we would come up with a simple & fun way to decide – using your intuition.

First of all, it’s true that there are quite a few mind exercises, so below you’ll find a list numbered from 1- 18. Each game is numbered 1., 2., 3., etc.

The next step is to take a moment and think about what’s going on for you and then look at our SOS symbol below and ask your heart:

“What number represents the best mind exercise for me or is the best place to start?”


Be sure to trust the number that comes to you, then, scroll down to that number and get started!


Mental and Emotional

1. Transforming Negative Thoughts

2. Know When Someone is Lying

3. Simplify Your Life

4. Disconnecting from Harmful Attitudes

5. Grounding After An Emotional Shock

6. Healing Doubt and Confusion

Past Life

7. Releasing Soul Contracts


8. Transformation Games

9. The Simplicity Game

10. Develop Intuition for Difficult Times

11. Close the Energetic Pathways to Suffering

Career and Business

12. Tipping Point Game – Change Your Mindset

13. Putting Together Your Career Puzzle

14. Stop Feeling Obligated

15. Family Influences on Career Success

Feng Shui

16. Office Feng Shui –  Productivity

17. Feng Shui for Your Home – Correcting Destructive Patterns

18. Feng Shui for Relationships


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Healing Emotional Stress

These Free Mind Exercises are developed as a service to the community. If you would like to contribute to this effort, your donation is greatly appreciated.